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W44: Strawberry Update

Fresh Strawberry
Published Nov 10, 2023

In W44 in the strawberry landscape, from Jan-23 to Aug-23, Mexico's agricultural and agro-industrial trade balance achieved a surplus of USD 5.90 million, marking a 15.89% year-on-year (YoY) growth. The agri-food trade balance has presented a surplus for the ninth consecutive year, driven by a 4.5% YoY export growth, reaching a record of USD 35.46 billion. Mexico's agri-food exports in the first eight months of the year reached the highest value reported in the last 31 years, totaling USD 29,552 million in imports. The agro-export industry continues to grow, particularly in fruits and vegetables, with notable increases in avocados, strawberries, walnuts, and guava. The country's competitiveness in the agri-food sector is due to the efforts, efficiency, and innovation of the agri-food chain, coupled with international recognition of plant and animal health and safety standards. The agri-food sector anticipates reaching a record USD 53 billion in exports during 2023.

Minister of Agriculture of Chile, Esteban Valenzuela, released the "Better Seasonal Foods" (MAT) report, indicating the current abundance of strawberries in the Chilean market and the upcoming availability of watermelons and melons. The minister also reported positive developments in the fruit export sector, particularly the opening of the Chinese market for Chilean peaches, apricots, and plums.

The Egyptian strawberry season is forecasted to start in the upcoming weeks, with the first harvests already received. Growers foresee exportable strawberries being available by W46. Unusual demand is noted, particularly from Europe, influenced by positive experiences from the previous season and weather-related challenges affecting harvests in Spain and Morocco. Favorable weather conditions in Egypt have contributed to a successful season, with growers adapting to new varieties on a commercial scale. While a reduction in acreage was experienced due to increased production costs, prices are forecasted to rise, but exporters can utilize currency devaluation to control costs. The season is predicted to extend until Mar-23 due to heightened demand.

The Andalusian Institute for Agricultural, Fishing, Food, and Organic Production Research and Training of Spain (Ifapa) is set to unveil the results of red fruit variety trials conducted in Huelva during the last campaign on November 16. The presentation, taking place at the Agro Experimental Business Center, will cover topics such as the influence of the agro-environment on strawberry production and quality, the evolution of tolerance to fungal diseases, and trials on different planting frameworks and disinfection methods in soilless cultivation. The event aims to provide insights into the sustainability and efficiency of red fruit cultivation.

The Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TIKA) has supported strawberry growers in North Macedonia through the Rural Development Support Program Strawberry Cultivation Project. The initiative distributed agricultural equipment and strawberry seedlings to 20 families in the Timyanik village of Negotin city.

Lastly, Chinese winter strawberries are entering the market from various regions. Notably, Dandong, Liaoning Province, produced early-ripening strawberries, with prices reaching USD 13.71 per 300 kilograms (CNY 99.83/300 kg). The freezing early-ripening process begins in Mar-23, with seedlings entering low-temperature storage in Jun-23, allowing for mid-October market availability. Meanwhile, in collaboration with the Shanghai Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Shanghai's Jinshan District has introduced the "Xiangfei'' variety, maturing 20 days earlier than usual. Yuxi City in Yunnan and Changfeng County in Anhui Province also contributed to the early winter strawberry supply.

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