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W46 Grape Update: Growth in Global Grape Production Forecasts for 2023/24 Season, and Challenges in Peruvian Grape Exports

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Published Nov 23, 2023

Global Grape Production to Increase in 2023/24 Season

In W46 in the grape landscape, driven by abundant rainfall and high harvests in Chile, the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) is predicting an increase of 13.6% YoY to 740 thousand tons in Chilean table grape production and 13.5% YoY increase in exports, reaching 564 thousand tons.

Australia's table grape production is expected to reach a record 220 thousand mt for the 2023/24 season due to favorable growing conditions. This increase in output and quality is expected to boost exports to 140 thousand mt, marking the third-highest export volume on record. Australian table grapes are primarily exported to Asian markets, with China being the top destination. The country's shorter transportation time and focus on new proprietary varieties are contributing to the growth.

Egypt's grape harvest is expected to reach 1.57 million tons in the 2023/24 season, while exports are expected to reach 170 thousand tons. The 2023/2024 season is expected to see a slight increase in local grape consumption, reaching 1.4 million tons, driven by a growing population and healthy eating trends. Over the past decade, Egypt has significantly increased its grape production by nearly 60%, mainly due to the introduction of new varieties, improved cultural practices, post-harvest storage treatments, and the opening of new export markets.

Namibia is preparing for its grape export season, with the first shipments of the 2023 harvest from Southern Africa heading to foreign markets. The country is expecting a high export season, with a volume comparable to the 2022/23 season's 10.5 million cartons exported. Namibian growers are working with fruit breeders to breed and commercialize new varieties, such as Sugrathirtyfive and Sugrafiftythree. The European market, where strong demand is expected, awaits the first shipments.

Peru Anticipates 9% YoY Decrease in Grape Exports

The Association of Table Grape Producers and Exporters (Provid) predicts a 9% YoY decrease in Peruvian grape exports for the 2023/24 season due to adverse weather conditions exceeding normal rainfall. The goal is to reach an export of 64.9 million 8.2 kg boxes, down from 71.4 million in the previous season. The industry addresses these challenges by implementing strategic measures to maintain quality and competitiveness in the international market.

Moldova Anticipate a Grape Export Surge in Late 2023

Moldova exported 30.5 thousand tons of table grapes from Aug-23 to Oct-23, with Ukraine and Romania being the largest importers. The strong export season was driven by high demand and the short shelf life of rain-fed grapes. More grape exports are expected from Nov-23 to Dec-23 compared to the previous year, with 10 to 15 thousand tons remaining in storage for 2024 sales. In Nov-23, Moldova's grape exports decreased, but not significantly. However, due to high purchase prices, Moldova may ship more grapes to foreign markets from Nov-23 to Dec-23. Grape exports in the 2022/23 season amounted to 61 thousand tons.

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