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2021 Almond Report

Updated Oct 12, 2021
World commercial almond production has increased by a massive 37% over the five years ending 2021. The US had a record crop of 1,413,000 MT (shelled basis) in 2020/21. This crop is still being exported and exports at the end of 2020 and the first half of 2021 broke new records. World consumption of almonds is increasing both as a total as well as per capita. India, the world's largest importer of almonds, imported 218,120 MT of in-shell almonds in 2020 and the imports remained strong through the first half of 2021. Europe imported 463,866 MT of shelled almonds in 2020, which was 56% of global imports.
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Table of Content

Part I - Product Information

1.1 Production

1.2 Processing

1.3 Grading

Part II - Global Market Dynamics

2.1 Production

2.2 Exports

2.3 Imports

- Shelled Almonds

- In-shell Almonds

Part III - Developments in major producing and importing countries

3.1 US

3.2 Australia

3.3 India

3.4 China and Hong Kong

Part IV - Sources

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