Black Tea Industry: Market Analysis

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Xchel Perez
Published Mar 27, 2024
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Over the past decade, global tea production has steadily risen by 3.2% annually, reaching 6.7 mmt in 2022, led by China and India despite challenges like adverse weather and economic constraints. While black tea production saw a slight decline, green tea compensated, resulting in a marginal 1.6% increase in total tea production. Concurrently, global tea consumption increased by 3.3% annually, hitting 6.5 mmt in 2022, driven by rising incomes in countries such as China, India, and Pakistan. Total tea imports reached USD 7.3 billion, with black tea dominating imports. Key exporting nations like Kenya, India, and Sri Lanka face challenges, yet initiatives targeting overseas markets and consumer preferences are expected to spur future growth. Notably, China's black tea production surged, overtaking dark tea to become the second most produced type. India's robust tea industry, with significant investments and innovation, plays a vital role globally. Sri Lanka's Ceylon tea production witnessed fluctuations, with a slight increase in 2023 but a notable drop from 2021. Despite challenges, Iraq remained the top importer of Ceylon tea.

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Key Takeaways

Tea Market Overview (090240)

1.1 Product Specifications

1.2 Production Overview

1.3 Global Consumption

1.4 Exports Trends

1.5 Import Trends

Country Analysis

2.1 China Market Overview

2.1.1 Chinese Black Tea Varieties

2.1.2 Main Market Players Profiles

2.1.3 Production

2.1.4 Import Trends

2.1.5 Export Trends

2.2 India Market Overview

2.2.1 Indian Black Tea Varieties

2.2.2 Main Market Players Profiles

2.2.3 Production

2.2.4 Import Trends

2.2.5 Export Trends

2.3 Sri Lanka Market Overview

2.3.1 Sri Lanka Black Tea Varieties

2.3.2 Main Market Players Profiles

2.3.3 Production

2.3.4 Import Trends

2.3.5 Export Trends

Top Producing Countries

3.1 Top 10 Black Tea Global Bulk Tea Importers

3.2 Top 10 Black Tea Exports

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