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Tridge Report

Cashew Market Report

Sep 16, 2021
Tridge Market Intelligence Team
Cashew Nut Kernel
Market Situation
Raw cashews are mainly produced in the African countries from where they are exported to Vietnam and India for processing. The processed cashews are then exported across the world and as shelled cashews. This report provides an overview of the global raw cashew and processed cashew market landscape, including production, consumption, exports, and imports. A detailed analysis is given on the trade flow of cashew nuts including key players like African countries (exporters of raw cashew kernels), Asian countries (importers of raw cashews and exporters of processed and shelled cashew nuts) along with the E.U (largest processed and shelled cashew nut importer).
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Table of Content

Part I - Cashew Product Information (HS: 080132)

1.1 Production of Cashew Nuts

1.2 Classification of Cashews into Kernels

1.3 Grading and Quality Standards

Part II - Global Market Dynamics

2.1 Production and Consumption

2.2 Cashew Trade: Exports and Imports

Part III - Recent Developments in Major Cashew (in-shell and shelled)

Producing and Trading Regions

3.1 African Countries: Exporters of raw cashew kernelsVietnam

3.2 Asian Countries: Exporters of processed and shelled cashew nuts

3.3 European Countries: World’s largest shelled cashew nut importers

Part IV -Sources

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