- Apple prices in The United States (US), China, and Europe are expected to enter an upward trend driven by decreasing stocks and constrained demand. Conversely, despite recent adverse weather in India, overall CY 2023 fresh apple output is expected to increase, incentivizing price decreases.
- The El Niño phenomenon is expected to have a detrimental impact on banana production in Ecuador and Costa Rica, offsetting a relatively stable price trend in the following period. Despite governmental support for banana production in Europe, demand is still high and domestic output needs to match consumption and increased demand.
- Spain is still experiencing adverse weather conditions, which hampers the production of fresh bell peppers, ultimately leading to higher prices. In the US, seasonal shifting in producing regions of fresh bell pepper and import volumes suppressed the price in June, while an upward price trend is expected in July.
- Thailand's durian price saw a negative trend in June, owing to a peak harvest period in Thailand's 14 durian provinces. On the other hand, Taiwan's prices increased after an initial descent at the beginning of June. China remains the most important market for durian traders and the highly competitive market is pressuring prices down. That trend is expected to continue even in July.
- The price of Mexican avocados has maintained a moderate decreasing trend in Q2-23 as there is a wider availability in the local market from Michoacán and Jalisco regions simultaneously. There have also been large quantities of Mexican avocados exported into the US since early May when Peruvian avocados were out of the US market, allowing Mexican exporters to lower the price.
- While most South American mango suppliers are out of season, Colombia has entered the peak availability for the Tommy Atkins variety with stable prices due to the consistent volume of mangoes supplied by the producing regions. In the US mango import market, these are currently the highest volume months for mangoes as main suppliers to the US reach their peak season.
- Onion prices have skyrocketed in most main supply markets due to the unprecedented global shortage, particularly in all of Europe and Central Asia. In India, prices kept decreasing due to an oversupply, despite the government’s efforts to purchase local supplies. In Peru, onion prices have seen a significant increase due to a surge in demand, particularly from Europe. In Indonesia, prices for red onions have started to increase again as they did at the beginning of the year.

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