- For apples, the US, China, and Poland have entered a stable price period, balancing lower stock and not-so-high demand. On the other hand, in India, new government regulation has brought mixed expectations for traders and a bearish outlook for apple prices.
- The wholesale banana prices in major export markets such as Ecuador and Costa Rica are opposed, driven in Ecuador by oversupply, while in Costa Rica, limited volume is pushing prices up.
- Warm weather affects fresh bell pepper production in Spain and Türkiye, increasing supply and decreasing prices. In the US, imported quantities from Mexico and domestic supply from Florida, along with the increased demand.
- Thailand's durian price surged in May, driven by high demand from China, adding to the bearish sentiment on supply volume. On the other hand, expectations of increased China's domestic quantities of durian will depress the market.
- The price of Mexican avocados has started to increase slightly from the previous fall experienced in March due to an oversupply. Prices for US avocados were stable all through May as constant Mexican supply has remained regular, and the US avocado season remains present in the market but with lower volumes.
- While most South American mango suppliers are out of season, Colombia has entered the peak availability for the Tommy Atkins variety and the baby mango, which are entering the US market for the first time.
- Due to the unprecedented global shortage, particularly in all of Europe and Central Asia, onion prices have skyrocketed in most main supply markets. In the Netherlands, the main European supplier, onion prices soared.

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  • Part I: Key Indicators
  • Part II: Fruit and Vegetable
    • Apple
    • Banana
    • Peppers
    • Durian
    • Avocado
    • Mango
    • Onion
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