Organic Farming Trends in the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS): Russia, Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan

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This report provides an in-depth analysis of organic agriculture in the CIS (Commonwealth of Independent States) region. It is divided into four main parts, each focusing on different aspects of organic agriculture.

In Part I, the report begins with an introduction to organic agriculture, offering an overview of its principles and practices.

Part II delves into the organic agriculture market in the CIS region. It explores the growth and demand trends within the market, highlighting the increasing popularity of organic products. Additionally, it discusses various practices and techniques employed in organic agriculture and their importance in maintaining organic standards.

Part III focuses on the institutional aspects of organic agriculture development in the CIS region. It examines government initiatives aimed at promoting and supporting organic farming. The report also explores the regulations and legislative systems governing organic farming in the region. Furthermore, it provides insights into the certification systems for organic produce, highlighting the importance of verifying and labeling organic products accurately.

Part IV offers key takeaways from the report, summarizing the significant findings and implications discussed in the previous sections.

Finally, the report concludes with an outlook section, providing a brief overview of the future prospects and potential growth of organic agriculture in the CIS region.

This comprehensive report provides valuable insights into the organic agriculture market, practices, stakeholders, institutional aspects, and key takeaways, serving as a valuable resource for industry professionals, policymakers, and researchers interested in the CIS region's organic agriculture sector.

Table of contents

Part I – Introduction: Organic Agriculture Overview 

Part II – Organic Agriculture Market in the CIS Region

- Organic Agriculture Market Growth and Demand 

- Organic Agriculture Practices and Techniques 

- Main Stakeholders of Organic Agriculture

Part III – Institutional Aspects of the Development of Organic Agriculture in the CIS Region

- Government Initiatives to Develop Organic Farming

- Regulations and Legislative Systems in Organic Farming

- Certification Systems for Organic Produce

Part IV – Key Take-away

Part I – Outlook 

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