Tridge Report: Overview and Outlook of Oils and Oilseeds Market

Prince Yawson
Published Jul 21, 2023
The oilseeds complex has seen significant movement across the different markets in the first half of the year. Global oilseed production is seen to be around 625 million metric tons (mmt) due to the reduction in the soybean crop. In the oilseeds trade, having entered the second half of the year, little has changed.

Demand for oilseed meals has lately driven more of the rapeseed crush value in the European Union (EU), given the decrease in exportable soybean meal availabilities in Argentina.

In the first half of the year, bearish sentiments drove the complex due to reduced demand and lower crushing activity. The situation in the Black Sea and the grain corridor arrangements have also been major market drivers.

Be that as it may, palm oil, soy, and rapeseed may well be on a different route with their own fundamental drivers towards the end of this marketing year (MY). The weather, currency, import demand and production should determine the trajectory towards the end of the season.

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Table of Content

Part I - Oils and Oilseeds Overview 

Part II - Palm Oil Overview 

Part III - Palm Oil Supply and Demand 

Part IV - Palm Oil Price

Part V - Palm Oil Outlook

Part VI - Soybeans Overview

Part VII - Soybeans Supply and Demand 

Part VIII - Soybeans Price

Part IX - Soybeans Outlook

Part X - Rapeseed Overview

Part XI - Rapeseed Supply and Demand

Part XII - Rapeseed Prices

Part XIII - Rapeseed Outlook

Part XIV - Key Takeaways

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