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W46 Peanut Update: Indian Farmers Face Dropped Peanut Production, while Vietnam and Türkiye Face Successful Harvests

Peanut Kernel
Published Nov 21, 2023

In W46 in the peanut landscape, peanut farmers in Anantapur and Puttaparthi districts of India are grappling with substantial losses, estimated at around USD 168.01 thousand, attributed to a drop in yield caused by erratic monsoon conditions. With only two to three bags per acre compared to the normal yield of 18 to 22 bags, the adverse impact of the drought, exacerbated by monsoon failure, has left farmers without viable crops for both consumption and fodder, prompting a call for compensation under climate-based insurance payment.

In Bangladesh, in a request to boost cultivation of peanut, wheat, maize, mustard, sunflower, mung bean, and khesari dal during the Rabi season, 11.95 thousand small and marginal farmers across seven upazilas will receive free seeds and fertilizers under the incentive and rehabilitation program. The initiative, aimed at increasing farmer interest and productivity, sees a notable rise in both the amount of incentive support and the number of participating farmers in the financial year (FY) 2023/24.

Bình Định's Positive Outcomes in 2023 and Şanlıurfa's Triumph with High-Yield Peanuts

The Bình Định province of Vietnam reported successful outcomes in its crop sector, with peanuts, rice, corn, and sesame cultivation seeing increased yields in 2023. Peanut crops have increased by over 480 hectares (ha), resulting in a total production of nearly 11 thousand ha. Notably, the province achieved significant results in crop restructuring, converting rice fields to dry crops, and maintaining large fields, contributing to the overall success of the farming industry.

Farmers in Şanlıurfa's Harran Plain, Türkiye, celebrate a successful peanut harvest, achieving approximately 500 kilograms (kg) of product per decare. The shift towards peanuts, known for their high yield, low input costs, and drought resistance, is gaining momentum in the region, with the Şanlıurfa Provincial Directorate of Agriculture actively working to expand peanut cultivation.

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