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Oyster Shelled Weight Decreased by 21% MoM in Japan

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Anna Mochizuki
Published Feb 28, 2023
According to Hiroshima Prefecture's February oyster growth status (shelled weight) survey, in February 2023, the shelled weight per oyster was 14.5g, which decreased by 21% from February 2022, 10% less than in the same month of an average year. Oyster sizes were small across the entire prefecture, and the sluggish growth was conspicuous. Hiroshima Bay (Kuba, Ono, Jigozen, Miyajima, Eba, Sakamachi) averaged 13.7g.
Harvest decreased compared to the January 2023 survey. In the islands (Mitsuko, Minoh, Ogakicho, Etajima, Higashie), the average in-shell weight of oysters was 15.5g. Although it is lower than the same month of last year and the average year, the income is good. The average in-shell weight of oysters grown in the Western Hiroshima areas of Ondo and Aga was 14.3g, well below the average for the same month in 2022. Chubu (Yasuura, Akitsu) was 15.4g, slightly higher than the same month of the average year.
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