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Sesame Seed

Sesame Seed

Sesame Seed
HS Code: 120740 - Sesamum Seeds - whether or not broken
FAO Code: 0289 - Sesame seed
Top Exporter
SD flagSudan
Top Importer
CN flagChina
Top Producer
SD flagSudan
Export Value
1Y -12.56%
Import Value
1Y -19.7%
Production Volume
1Y +10.31%
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Global Production of Sesame Seed

Discover global production data of Sesame Seed. Get production volume, price data, trends, and more. The information below is based on the FAO code 0289 (Sesame seed).

Production Overview of Top 10 Countries

See the production trends of the top 10 countries that have the highest production volumes.

Production Trends of Top 10 Producers of Sesame Seed

This is the production trends of the top 10 producers of Sesame Seed from 2005 to 2019.

Top 10 Producers of Sesame Seed

These are the top 10 producers of Sesame Seed in 2019.
Production Quantity
1-Year Growth in Qty
3-Year Growth in Qty
5-Year Growth in Qty

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Explore production data more in-depth with our visualized data. Make use of interactive maps, charts, and diagrams for better understanding.

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