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Tridge Report

2021 Lobster Report

Dec 14, 2021
Tridge Market Intelligence Team
Fresh Common Lobster
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United States
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Homarus Americanus or American lobster made up 65% of the world lobster catch in 2019. This is the most dominant commercial lobster species and is mainly found in Canada and the US.
Lobster imports in 2020 were battered by Covid-19 restrictions but made an astonishing recovery in 2021.
Canada and the US’s lobster industries have seen amazing growth in 2021, after it was battered by Covid-19 throughout 2020. Demand from the US, the world’s second-largest importer has been much higher throughout the first 3 quarters of 2021. This came after the retail demand for lobster increased while restaurants were under lockdown. Retail demand remained strong when restaurants reopened, resulting in record demand.
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Table of Content

Part I

-Lobster Product Information

-Lobster habitat and fisheries

-Lobster life cycles and protection

-Lobster fishing

Part II

-Global Market Dynamics

-Lobster Landings



Part III

-Developments in major producing and importing countries


-The US



Part IV


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