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2022 Q2 Fruit and Vegetable (North America) Report

Tridge Market Intelligence Team
Updated Jul 8, 2022
Due to the tree recovery season, Mexican avocado production for MY 2021/22 is still forecasted at an 8% low. In May-22, avocado prices in Mexico reached a historical high with a 19% MoM increase from Apr-22 due to higher fertilizer costs and supply chain disruptions have continued to affect the fruit. Economic inflation in the country has also kept affecting the price. However, in Jun-22, prices have started to stabilize as decreases have started to register in Michoacan. Mexican avocado exports are estimated to have an 8% to 10% YoY growth in volume in 2022 despite the decrease in production, driven by a continuous increase in demand in the US.

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Table of Content

Part I - Quarterly Issues


-Trade Regulation

-Price Trends

Part II - Quarterly Summary

II.I Fruits




II.II Veggies



-Bell Pepper


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