Building Agricultural Resilience during Periods of Uncertainty

Bojan Mijatovic
Published Jul 25, 2023
1. Sustainable agriculture is key to achieving resilient agriculture and supply chains. Holistic approaches to support ecosystem services will prove to be one of the pillars of sustainable agriculture. Using new technologies (Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things, machine learning, drones, and satellites) and implementing farmer practices like crop cover, rotation, reduced tillage, and others will play a crucial role in sustainable agricultural production and strengthening supply chains. Protecting and enhancing biodiversity on farmland through habitat preservation, agroforestry, buffer zones, and wildlife-friendly practices contribute to long-term sustainability.

2. Access to information and technology: enhance access to agricultural information, weather forecasts, and technology tools, as well as digital platforms to make sound and long-term production and market decisions. This empowers farmers to make informed decisions, adapt to changing conditions, and optimize resource allocation. Digital platforms, mobile apps, and extension services can provide valuable information and support.

3. Policy support: Global agricultural superpowers like China, the US, Europe, and India should create an enabling policy environment to support sustainable agriculture, promote resilience, and incentivize adopting climate-smart practices. This includes supportive regulations, financial incentives, policies prioritizing research and development, access to credit, and market opportunities for farmers.

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Table of Content

Part I - Overview - Building Agricultural Resilience during Periods of Uncertainty

Part II - Risks in Agriculture

Part III - Strategies to Increase Resilience in Agriculture 

Part IV - Key Take-away 

Part V - Outlook 

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