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Similar Names
Persea americana
Top Producer
Saint Vincent and the Grenadines
0572 Avocados
Top Exporter
080440 Avocados, fresh or dried
Top Importer
United States
080440 Avocados, fresh or dried
Wholesale Prices
$ 3.34 per kg
Aug, 2019
Apr 8
Aug 19
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Scientific Names of Avocado

What are the scientific names of Avocado?
General Information

Persea Americana

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Cristian Ariztia

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Product Description
General Information

-Archaeological research indicates that avocados were found in Mexico in 8000 B.C. and in Peru towards 3000-4000 B.C. The area of origin is not exactly known, given the existence of several wild populations, but it is thought to be the region around the south of Mexico and Colombia. The Spanish name "aguacate’ comes from the Aztec "ahuacatl".

-It measures 5-6 cm in length. The normal weight ranges between 200-400 g, although there are some units that weigh up to 2 kg. The skin is thick and tough, of a green colour; the tone depends on the variety. The oily pulp of cream to greenish-yellow colour has a very similar taste to nuts. It has a single round seed of pale brown colour, 2-4 cm long.

-Fuerte, Hass and Nabal are the main varieties found in producers countries.

-The fruit can be eaten raw or cooked and it is widely consumed more as vegetable rather than a fruit.


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