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Citrus limon
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0497 Lemons and limes
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080530 Lemons and limes, fresh or dried
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United States
080530 Lemons and limes, fresh or dried
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$ 1.11 per kg
Aug, 2019
Apr 1
Aug 12
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Processing Types of Lemon

What are the different types of processed Lemon?
General Information

[Fresh lemon]

[Cold pressed lemon oil]

- Extracted from the peel and used as the flavoring in cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and household products.

[Dried lemon peel]

- Dried lemon peel is usually a by-product from juice extraction and is used in the production of cereals, baked products, sauces, marmalade, spice mixtures, and herbal teas.

[Lemon juice]

- Commonly used as an acidulant for other fruit juices, beverages, and various food products. 

- It is rich in vitamin C and can be used to substitute salt in food. 

[Lemon juice concentrate]

- Concentration and freezing are the best long-term preservation options for lemon juice. 

- It is a semi-processed product that is used for further processing of various beverages such as lemonade and juice blends.

[Lemon puree]

- Lemon puree is prepared from sound, whole fruits that have been sliced/crushed and pureed. 

- It is a semi-processed product that is useful in the commercial preparation of baked foods, beverages, and frozen desserts. 

- Freezing is what preserves it and it produces a yield of about 50 - 60 % of the whole fruit.

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Product Description
General Information

-Lemons are berry fruits with 3 distinct layers; the outer yellow peel, the whitish mesocarp and the endocarp.

-They have an elongated shape with a peel of variable thickness and a pointed tip.

-The lemon has a juicy medium-sized pulp containing 30 - 35g of juice and a high vitamin C content of 60 - 100mg per 100g of fruit.

-The lemon fruit originated in Asia and is now grown in most parts of the worl.

-The most common varieties are the Verna and Fino cultivars.

-The lemon has a wide range of uses; due to its taste and flavour it is used in the production of juices such as lemonades and soft drink, it is used in foods such as jam, as seasoning and flavouring, for medicinal purposes in curing the common cold/flu and a fragrant lemon oil is extracted from the peel to produce fragrances.


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