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Citrus limon
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0497 Lemons and limes
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080530 Lemons and limes, fresh or dried
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080530 Lemons and limes, fresh or dried
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Product Intelligence of Lemon

Varieties of Lemon

What are the varieties of Lemon?
General Information


-It has an oval shaped fruit with a short nipple, with smooth and thin skin.

-It has high content of juiciness in it pulp and a few seeds.

-The Fino tree is a vigorous type that is productive and thorny.

-It is commonly grown in Spain.


-The fruit is of an average to large size with a pronounced nipple and a well developed neck.

-It has a rough skin that is thick and irregular.

-It has acidic juice and a tender pulp.

-It is grown abundantly in the Spanish countryside.


-It possesses an average to thin skin skin that is smooth.

-It contains very few seeds and has juice levels of high acidity.

-It is grown in the Mediterranean region.


-It has a less pronounced nipple and rougher texture but is otherwise similar to the Eureka in other attributes.

-Its antecedent in the gallego portuguese variety, hence its name.


-It is similar to the Eureka in most attributes, except that the tree is more vigorous and the fruit produces more seeds.


-The fruit has a rounded shape with a short nipple.

-It possesses a smooth and thin skin with a juicy pulp and few seeds.


-The fruit is large and elongated with a smooth texture.

-It has a low quantity of juice, thin skin and few seeds.

-The pulp is divided in 6 - 7 gores.

-It originates from Nizza, Italy.


-The fruit is of an average size with a thick skin.

-It has less juice content than other varieties, however it is more acidic.

-It is mostly produced in Italy.


-The fruit has a smooth skin and the juiciness is adequately acidic.

-It is produced in South America.


-The fruit has a large and rounded shape with a small nipple.

-It is yellowish orange in colour with a smooth, soft and thin skin.

-It is a hybrid of the lemon, the orange and the mandarin and is therefore believed to be Chinese in origin.

-The pulp is dark yellow and very juicy with few seeds.

-It does not have the regular lemon smell.


-Similar to the Eureka and the Femminello in its attributes.

-Grown in Turkey but believed to have originated in Italy.


-The fruit possesses a thin skin and a very juicy pulp with few seeds.

-It is a North Cyprus coast variety.

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Product Description
General Information

-Lemons are berry fruits with 3 distinct layers; the outer yellow peel, the whitish mesocarp and the endocarp.

-They have an elongated shape with a peel of variable thickness and a pointed tip.

-The lemon has a juicy medium-sized pulp containing 30 - 35g of juice and a high vitamin C content of 60 - 100mg per 100g of fruit.

-The lemon fruit originated in Asia and is now grown in most parts of the worl.

-The most common varieties are the Verna and Fino cultivars.

-The lemon has a wide range of uses; due to its taste and flavour it is used in the production of juices such as lemonades and soft drink, it is used in foods such as jam, as seasoning and flavouring, for medicinal purposes in curing the common cold/flu and a fragrant lemon oil is extracted from the peel to produce fragrances.


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