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Similar Names
Solanum melongena
Egg Plant
Top Producer
0399 Eggplants (aubergines)
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070930 Aubergines(egg-plants), fresh or chilled
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United States
070930 Aubergines(egg-plants), fresh or chilled
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$ 0.99 per kg
Aug, 2019
Apr 8
Aug 19
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-Eggplant is one the most economically important solanaceous crop with potato, tomato, pepper, and tobacco.

-Wild plantation found first in Indo-Burma region from 300 BC, China first has adopted Eggplant in (200 BC~ 300 BC)., then Eggplant reached Persia very early but the date is unknown. 

-Eggplant was unknown by the ancient Greeks and Romans but spread throughout the Mediterranean Basin as a result of Muslim expansion in the 7th and 8th centuries.

-Eggplant is a warm-weather crop mostly cultivated in tropical and subtropical regions of the world., Although eggplant is a perennial, it is more commonly grown as an annual.

-Eggplant is a frost tender, heat loving, branching bushy plant with thick, woody stems. The green to grayish green leaves are large, lobed.

-There are many sizes and shapes of fruit, eggplant is an oval or pear-shaped, glossy, purplish fruit 10 ~ 20 cm long, with skin colors ranging from blackish purple to fluorescent purplish green to gold or white.some varieties produce bicolor or striped skin. The fruit has a dense, uniform and firm, white, sweet flesh.

-Most common species is the Large oval Eggplant, Elongated Eggplant, White eggplant.

-Start plants indoors in flats or peat pots 2 months before the soil warms up or buy nursery transplants just before planting, After planting, water well. Add a layer of mulch to retain moisture and suppress weeds.

-The fruit is eaten boiled, fried, or stuffed, while unripe fruits are used in curries or pickled. Young fruits are also eaten raw. It has several medicinal properties. The fruit is a source of calcium, phosphorus, iron, and vitamin B, Also play a role in beauty and make up industries.


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